That's about as much as The Boy (age 9) loves KITT. I introduced him to it a few weeks ago, and it's been favourite viewing ever since. Better, even, than Street Hawk. » 10/10/14 5:23pm 10/10/14 5:23pm

The Ranger's is derived from translating "liters per 100 kilometers" to "miles per gallon" through some mathmagical science I found on some website. Looks close enough to me.

» 10/02/14 4:08pm 10/02/14 4:08pm

Nice to see I'm not the only double bassist hanging round here. Although I only do it for fun rather than profit. In terms of ride, I used to schlep the bass in a VW Polo & I had a friend back in the day who used a Fiat 127! These days, a 10 year old Skoda Fabia Estate does the job for me. » 8/15/14 4:23pm 8/15/14 4:23pm

It's worse in some parts of Europe. A friend in Holland got nicked for doing 1km/h over the limit - a camera got him doing 101km/h in a 100 zone. The first he knew about it was when his pay was docked (company car)... » 8/04/14 3:54pm 8/04/14 3:54pm

The problem I have with people calling it a "mega car" is that I remember the megacar from the late 1990's - a Merc (or there was an Audi version) limo with lots of techie stuff - internal networking, 16 GSM multiplexed to provide internet connectivity, 4 internal monitors, DVD, VCR (yes, it's old, OK?). » 2/28/14 11:31am 2/28/14 11:31am